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Impact of stress on the family and the role of the family nurse practitioner in delivering care that is family centered


1.Please focus this paper on Chinese/ Cantonese Family
A. Medially based preventive measures
I. Annual exams, eye and hearing tests, immunizations, dental
II. Family health history
a. General and specific diseases: environmental and genetically related
III. Health care services received
IV. Feelings and perceptions regarding health services
V. Source of payments for health services
VI. Logistics to receiving care
a. Identified risk factors for health care disparities

B. Family Stress, coping, and Adaptation
I. Family stressors, strengths and perceptions
a. Describe the present stress that the family is experiencing
b. Describe the strengths that counterbalance the stressors
c. What is the family’s definition of the situation
II. Family Coping Strategies
a. How the family is reacting to the stress
b. Extent of family’s use of internal coping strategies and external coping strategies.
c. Dysfunctional coping strategies. Any evidence of family violence?
III. Family Adaptation
a. Overall family adaptation
b. Estimation of whether family is in crisis.
IV. Family Goals (congruence with individual and societal goals)

C. Family Care Plan
I. Summary of family strengths
II. Problems Identified
a. Per individual
b. As a family unit
III. Further Assessment Data needed
IV. Interventions, referrals, supportive services.

H. Summary Statement regarding the value of this assignment in helping you to understand the impact of stress on the family and the role of the family nurse practitioner in delivering care that is family centered

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