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Annotated Bibliography Writing

Annotated bibliography writing entails comprehensive cataloging of all secondary sources to facilitate the execution of a research exercise. This catalog may also have been used to complete a study. This activity presents a design of the research method. The researcher outlines sources that he or she will delve in during their study to unearth pertinent information. Sources included in annotated bibliography writing include online sites, books, peer-reviewed journals, periodicals and magazines among many others.

The writing of an actual index incorporated at the end of an academic literary work and annotated bibliography writing is incredibly similar. However, there lies a slight difference between the two. Annotated bibliography writing, gives a directory of sources to be quoted, supported by a short and succinct account of the sources’ contribution to the study. It offers a crisp synopsis of a source while appraising its importance and the impact it will have on the research to be carried out.

Annotated bibliography writing, in fact, covers three aspects in one sweep; cataloging, appraisal and summarizing of a source’s substance. This is an easier way of steering an interested party of the highlighted material, on how to perform a related research. There are diverse academic writing styles one can use to approach Top-Quality annotated bibliographies writing. Approaches one can employ are such as AMA, MLA, APA among others. The method selected solely depends on the preference of the author conducting the exercise. Annotated bibliography, presents a synopsis of theories, thoughts, and disputes that may be obtained from a particular source. Essentially, an appraisal of the content marks and end note to the annotated bibliography.

An assessment of the content is intended to aid the user of the annotated bibliography to establish if a particular source is suitable for related research. Therefore, it is paramount to note that not all mentioned sources cataloged in an annotated bibliography, will be used in the course of writing a research paper. Quintessentially, some sources may be redundant whereas others may be integrated at a later stage of the research. The relative significance of sources contained in an annotated bibliography, have to be mulled over. Therefore, these sources not only have to be singularly assessed, but these sources can be relatively weighed against one another. This is vital as it will pit advantages of the two options about the research to be conducted. Also, the author of an annotated bibliography, while appraising a source, he or she has to take a stand. This is a particular subject matter where they have to state whether the source was biased or objective.

Annotated bibliography writing that takes place following a completed research has to state the significance of a source during research resolutely. However, one has to note that, not all these requirements have to be met. What is to be included in Writing a Top annotated bibliography is predetermined by the assigning authority giving the exercise. In conclusion, a scholar has to be ardent to incorporate all that is expected of him or her, while steering clear of what may be considered unnecessary.


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